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Give your business the
Neu Edge

At the intersection of technology & business processes, lay the answers to efficiency and productivity. Technology done & deployed correctly, can unleash productivity gains that can transform organisations and provide businesses with a Neu Edge to outperform competitors and become industry leaders. 

NeuEdge is committed to delivering on this promise. 



Neu Edge is a differentiated software services company working with clients make the most of their existing and new technology investments to improve business productivity, optimize cost and embrace digitization.


Give your business the Neu Edge!

Big Data


Our big data and analytics platform is adept at combining high frequency data at  low latency performance. In addition, we can accept data in multiple formats and data types to create a universal datalake and generate insights & visualisation.

Internet of Things


Our approach to IoT projects is rooted in deep domain understanding and extensive technology capability. This enables us to conceptualise, develop and deliver IoT projects that deliver meaningful, sustained and measurable positive business impact

Contract Software Development


With rising digital adoption, businesses & startups will need to develop new products to cater to this mega trend. We leverage our  team's global experience, broad technology capability and robust delivery processes to build & deliver software products for clients

Software Quality Management


Quality is never an accident, but a result of continuous effort. 

This ethos drives our software quality service offering. Clients outsource their software testing & quality to us and we provide that sustained effort required to achieve high software quality standards.



Industrial Goods Manufacture

Industrial Goods Manufacture

Manufacturing lines are constantly generating large sums of process data which is rarely captured and processes. This provides an opportunity for manufacturing companies to exploit this gap in the market to leapfrog their competitors. We work with manufacturing companies to digitise and transform operations. 

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

With extensive optimisation of supply chains, even a minor disruption can have ripple effects throughout the system. Our work focuses on bringing about visibility into supply chains to improve supply chain resiliency and predict failure modes in advance. Thereby reducing the impact of disruptions.

Banking & Insurance

Banking & Insurance 

Risk assessment is key to Banking & Insurance. Capturing data hitherto unavailable and making it a part of regular risk management can help companies develop new business models, products and expand customer base. We combine domain experience with technical know-how to create curated solutions.

Start-ups & Early Stage

Startups & Early Stage

Startups are the jetful that propels innovation in sectors where they operate. While the startup journey is arduous, having the right partner can make all the difference. Our software development service can augment existing tech team or develop the product for them while they focus on customers.



taggit logo

smart asset management platform 

taggit is our SaaS asset management software offers clients a robust, scalable, reliable and secure technology to manage ass kinds of assets.


It can be deployed to manage:

  • Fixed Assets (plant & machinery)

  • Reusable assets

  • Office & IT assets

Some of the unique features of taggit include:

  • Low cost of ownership 

  • Zero CAPEX model

  • Rapid deployment - live in seven days

  • Live asset dashboards

  • Realtime asset alerts


Learning Management System
using Moodle Open Source solution 

Neu Edge offers customised Learning Management System to suite the needs of institutes of higher education. We offer managed LMS solution using the moodle open source platform - a leading LMS solution. 


Our team has extensive experience in deploying and managing large scale LMS installations for some of the largest universities in India with over 1.5 million students.  

In addition of LMS deployment and management, we also offer content creation services to meet the needs of educators ad students


innovation management platform 

iHub is SaaS platform that enables organisations to drive innovation by leveraging ideas from within the organisation. 

With iHub, organisation can turbocharge their kaizen and continuous improvement process making it organic, participative and sustainable.

Some of the unique features of iHub include:

  • Suited for organisations of all sizes

  • Secure & encrypted solution 

  • Track improvement ideas from ideation to impact

  • Empower every employee to democratise innovation




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