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Give your business the
Neu Edge

At the intersection of technology & business processes, lay the answers to efficiency and productivity. Technology done & deployed correctly, can unleash productivity gains that can transform organisations and provide businesses with a Neu Edge to outperform competitors and become industry leaders. 

NeuEdge is committed to delivering on this promise. 



Neu Edge is a differentiated software services company working with clients make the most of their existing and new technology investments to improve business productivity, optimize cost and embrace digitization.


Give your business the Neu Edge!

Big Data


Our big data and analytics platform is adept at combining high frequency data at  low latency performance. In addition, we can accept data in multiple formats and data types to create a universal datalake and generate insights & visualisation.

Internet of Things


Our approach to IoT projects is rooted in deep domain understanding and extensive technology capability. This enables us to conceptualise, develop and deliver IoT projects that deliver meaningful, sustained and measurable positive business impact

Contract Software Development


With rising digital adoption, businesses & startups will need to develop new products to cater to this mega trend. We leverage our  team's global experience, broad technology capability and robust delivery processes to build & deliver software products for clients

Software Quality Management


Quality is never an accident, but a result of continuous effort. 

This ethos drives our software quality service offering. Clients outsource their software testing & quality to us and we provide that sustained effort required to achieve high software quality standards.



Industrial Goods Manufacture

Industrial Goods Manufacture

Manufacturing lines are constantly generating large sums of process data which is rarely captured and processes. This provides an opportunity for manufacturing companies to exploit this gap in the market to leapfrog their competitors. We work with manufacturing companies to digitise and transform operations. 

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

With extensive optimisation of supply chains, even a minor disruption can have ripple effects throughout the system. Our work focuses on bringing about visibility into supply chains to improve supply chain resiliency and predict failure modes in advance. Thereby reducing the impact of disruptions.

Banking & Insurance

Banking & Insurance 

Risk assessment is key to Banking & Insurance. Capturing data hitherto unavailable and making it a part of regular risk management can help companies develop new business models, products and expand customer base. We combine domain experience with technical know-how to create curated solutions.

Start-ups & Early Stage

Startups & Early Stage

Startups are the jetful that propels innovation in sectors where they operate. While the startup journey is arduous, having the right partner can make all the difference. Our software development service can augment existing tech team or develop the product for them while they focus on customers.



Electric Car


For automakers, big data is expanding the range of information that can be used in decision making.

There are four mega trends demanding reliance on big data and analytics:

  • Powertrain Electrification

  • Mobility services

  • Connectivity

  • Autonomous vehicles

There are opportunities across the value chain, where automotive companies (both OEMs and Tier One) can leverage big data.

  • Design and Manufacturing

  • Use & Maintenance

  • Marketing spend management

  • Global supply chain management

  • Quality (Predictive) analytics

  • Future opportunities


Benefits all stakeholders in the sector, from manufacturers and equipment providers to dealers and fleet managers.



Connected cars generate data concerning both driving patterns and vehicle operation. This information is highly valuable for improving client relations and helping to make cars increasingly reliable and performance.



Distributors can recommend offers that are increasingly well adapted for their clients by combining commercial data collected from the web and dealer locations with driving data provided by on-board vehicle computers.


Equipment providers

Equipment providers are at the heart of the transition from cars to connected objects. Automobile parts provided to manufacturers are equipped with sensors that generate technical and behavioural data for the entire automobile ecosystem.


Fleet operators

Now benefiting from reliable information transmitted in real-time by on-board computers, fleet managers can optimize the use of their vehicles and make recommendations to drivers regarding eco-driving.

Car Factory


Manufacturing companies face an uncertain business environment filled with trade conflicts, fluctuating raw material costs, and evolving consumer demands. This uncertainty is driving business leaders to look inward, where investments in information and operational technologies could bolster their bottom lines.


Intelligent, interconnected, and automated factories allow manufacturers to scale and adapt capabilities as they seize new opportunities and respond to changing demands. In this way, new digital technologies deliver tangible solutions for manufacturers facing unpredictable market realities.


Today many manufacturing companies are still in the early stages of the data science journey, exploring the troves of data at their disposal and identifying business problems that could become data science use cases.


This is also the stage where the potential of digitalization enters a technical bottleneck. Companies might find that the time to deployment is lengthy and costly. That scalability across assets or equipment is low. And that connecting different sources of data together to create meaningful insight requires many areas of expertise.


Smart Agriculture

Agriculture on an industrial scale is essential to ensuring, that the growing population is fed and nourished. The downside of this is extensive use of fertilisers and rampant groundwater use. This has resulted in over fertigation and excess water use.

Our smart Aerotech IoT solution offers an end-to-end solution that helps optimise use of water and other soil nutrients to ensure higher crop yield, optimised cost of production and improved sustainability. The solutions comprises of three segments:


Smart irrigation bot:

  • Automate turning on/off or tubewell pump

  • Avoid dry-out / flooding of fields

  • Configure irrigation patterns for each pump as per crop needs

  • Eliminate pump burnouts

Soil moisture & groundwater sensors:

  • Custom designed sensor

  • Capable of monitoring soil moisture and water table

  • Custom controller for farm automation

  • Easy to install & maintain

  • Helps avoid tubewell drying or depletion

Mobile application for farmers:

  • Configure all pumps from single app

  • Change irrigation patterns as required

  • Receive weather predictions

  • Obtain realtime watering requirements




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